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Carpenter Placement Test

As a general contractor, you know how hard it can be finding qualified help. Just looking over a resume or job application really doesn't tell you how skilled a particular worker is. Spending time to check out the background of people who answer your help wanted ads, takes away from time on the job. And you don't want to be "stuck" paying someone who "embellished" their experience on their resume just to get the job. You would hate to find out on the first day of an important project that your new employee doesn't have the experience he claimed to have.

The Carpenter Placement Test The Carpenter Placement Test provides the essentials you need to test the skill level of any applicant. Our journeyman exam has 12 sections that can be used by general contractors and sub-contractors alike, to find the right employee for your position. Having the ability to test your applicant in his/her area of expertise let's you see the level of their skill. Now you don't have to hire blindly. The Carpenter Placement Test gives you the tools you need to hire with confidence. These test where designed to help evaluate the applicant’s fundamental knowledge. We’re not saying you couldn’t make a test up yourself, but consider the price compared to your time.

Carpenter Skills Assessment Test Categories include:

Click on any link below to purchase our popular placement tests for $24.99 each,
OR click HERE to purchase the entire pack of 12 placement tests for $250.

(You save $50!)

All reports below are delivered INSTANTLY in pdf electonic format.

Click here to purchase a PAPER copy of the Carpenter Placement Test of your choice.
OR Click here to purchase a PAPER copy of the entire packet of 12 Carpenter Placement Tests.
(Shipping and handling is $4 extra.)

* Be sure to note which placement test you want in the comment field.

Carpenter Placement Tests Don't wait to see if your next hire is competent, protect yourself and order your Carpenter Placement Test Pack today!

Click here to order The Carpenter Placement Test now.


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